About Us: March For The Movement is an independent apparel company with the mission of making a difference one tee at a time. LGBTQ, Women-Owned. We design all products ourselves from our home in Nashville, TN, while our pups nudge us and rest their heads on top of our laptop keyboards.

What We Stand For: We stand with women who speak up and speak out, and the women who are still finding their voice. We stand with the LGBTQ+ community. We stand with the Dreamers. We stand with those that want to protect children more than protecting guns. We stand with those who have had enough of feeling like their lives do not matter. We stand with anyone who is standing up for the truth, and helping others stand alongside them. We stand with you. 

Our Products: We use only the softest, most quality, ethically sourced materials. 100% Anti-Sweatshop, Worldwide Responsible Accredit Production Certified.